#46 Con Crud

I'm writing a book y'all Reporting live from Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers conference in Sandy, UT! It’s now the end of day 4 and we’ve just got one left before it’s all over and we get to go home. And oh boy am I looking forward to going home. Gonna take some nyquil, gonna curl up in my COMFY CLEAN BED, and sleeeeep for a few days. Plus, I’ll get to see my dear Aaron! Yay!

But no, seriously, I have learned a TON this conference. I’m just tired and I’ve managed to get sick. Ughghghg immune system fail…

Also, hi Rachelle! Welcome to the comic! This is really what happened tonight. Cori, Rachelle, Krista, and I are all hanging out in our uber ghetto hotel room.