#54 Party Planning 101

Tonight we dine on turtle soup? It’s time for the annual TMNT Cowabungathon! We’re watching movies 1, 2, 3, TMNT, and Turtles Forever this weekend to celebrate our favorite crime-fighting anthropomorphic reptiles. Plus summer? Perfect for chilling in the basement with pals and pizza. In case you didn’t know, I love ninja turtles. I may even nerd out about them more than I do about Detective Conan, which is saying something.

No, seriously, it is.

I listen to the first two movies on my zune at work at least every month. And re-read the fourth graphic novel semi-regularly. And growing up, my ninja turtles dated my barbies. Now a days, they just ride my Little Ponies into battle. I think it’s time I do a new version of that painting, though… perhaps when I get my birthday present at the end of this month — a set of the much coveted Toddler Turtles. OMG. SO. CUTE.

Ahem. Here are some commercials of other Turtle treats:

I have one of these cereal boxes framed. No joke. Aaron gave it to me for Christmas one year. Isn’t he the best?


Wait… what?

Wait, he made a wisecracking joke and got turned into a kid’s meal toy? That is terrifying and kind of disproportionate as far as revenge goes, don’t you think?

Oh well. And finally, a different kind of treat… Cinemassacre’s Top 20 Turtle Flubs, courtesy of the amazing Mr. James Rolfe. I’d link you guys to the Angry Movie Nerd review for TMNT 3 but uhh… I should keep a semi-clean rating for this comic. ;) The flubs will have to do. Thanks again for showing this to me, CarpetCrawler.<3<3<3