#55 SAT Scores Mean Nothing

Pro tip: I hate math. There is entirely too much math involved in graphic design, especially when HTML is all “I can’t do 233.56 pixels wide!” Pft. I get so hung up over the math involved that it gets too complicated and then my mind starts blanking and then pretty soon my brains have melted out of my ears and…

…yeah. Don’t get me wrong… I got good grades in math and my test scores for the SAT and ACT are always really high. Especially in trig. But it is definitely not my strong suit. The spreadsheet that Aaron made for me is quite helpful when I remember how to use it, though. Uhh.

Also, there’s a few of you readers that I keep promising a troll comic for. Still working on the scripting for it, but it’ll be in the next month or so. Next week is another – you guessed it – birthday comic. At least it doesn’t have me reading from a piece of paper like half of the other strips do.