#108 Unlikely Heroes?

he's so dapper!

It’s mine and Aaron’s birthdays next week! His is Monday, mine is Tuesday. That means we get to be whatever we want this week. I’m a dog again because awesome, while he is a Changeling from My Little Pony ’cause they’re his favorite.

Why the dinosaurs? Well, this Saturday we are having an epic party in which we watch the Lion King 1 1/2 and the first Jurassic Park on bluray on a giant projector screen of amazingness. I am totally stoked. There will be jello jigglers. I am so not lying. They will be in the shape of dinosaurs!

ALSO… My new portfolio website is all finished, so go look at it! http://gabapple.com/

I will have more IMPORTANT and EXCITING and AMAZING news next week, so hang tight! It will be totally awesome. :D

Finally, please enjoy this incredible video: